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"You Weren't Born to be FAT"






Time is the most precious resource we have. You can buy everything in this world, except time.

For this reason I happen to be particularly respectful of my own time and I won't be wasting yours by forcing you to read this further while hiding all the juice in the last chapters.

Instead I'll come straight to the point and tell you right here what you'll get in return for the time you decide to invest on these pages.

We are judged at first glance by the way we look. This happens every day. Chances are that, like me, you went through a lot of pain caused by your appearance.

You should read this book if you fall in one of the following categories:

  • sick of being fat - you are so much overweight that your knees start giving up on you (or you experience any other kind of physical discomfort). You must get back to a comfortable weight before you end up making irreversible damages! This book is your express pass to a pain-free existence;

  • lost soul - you have been fat as long as you can remember and you cannot possibly believe there is a way for you to actually become slim. This book is your way out of Fatland;

  • diet Nerd - you have tried every possible diet and still have not found anything that gave you consistent results or, more commonly, have gained everything back. This book will show you how to get to your ideal weight and stay locked there;

  • in a hurry - you have to attend to some event (or any other silly reason) and you need to get rid quickly of some 3-5 kilograms. This book will show you how to do this in just one week.


Me? I was heavily overweight and I did have no clue on how to fix that. I knew this was a pretty common issue as I had lots of friends and relatives with the exact same problem. No one had a reliable way to drop that damned weight, everyone was just coping with it, losing and getting back in a neverending and painful swing.

For a long time I was dancing the very same painful routine...  until I was blessed by stumbling upon the solution to my problem. Let’s be clear: I didn’t invent anything, I just had the curiosity and attention to notice a few things that combined together give the perfect recipe for fat loss.

In a few months I wasn’t fat anymore. Without doing any workout whatsoever, I dropped a stunning 27kg.

People started to ask me how did I do that and everyone assumed it required a lot of effort and exercise… well, it didn’t.

Keep reading and you'll learn a few principles that will change your life and make you a better person:

  • everyone can lose weight (fat),  even a massive amount, with a minimum effort. No gym required. No doctors or expensive diets;

  • taking responsibility for our actions is the most powerful way to take control of our life and begin to make changes: we are who we want to be, for good or worse;

  • commitment and self criticism are the key to our biggest achievements.


I'll tell you how you can change your entire life by dropping that heavy backpack of fat you carry with you 24/7: you were not born to be fat. No one  was. Being fat today is just a consequence of our lifestyle and it can be fixed.

I'll teach you how to get rid of the excess fat and never get it on yourself again; specifically:

  1. how to lose weight in a very short time and with minimal effort;

  2. how to lose mainly fat and not other tissues;

  3. how to avoid gaining everything back.



This book is not another step-by-step diet plan rather a compendium of tips and tricks (tools) that should open your eyes on the real nature of your problem. With these tools you can transform yourself: from the fat, horrible looking individual you are now to an incredible person looking like an athlete. That human being is already inside you and all you have to do to bring him/her out is to get rid of the fat in excess. As easy as that!

Let’s  face it: diet plans are for people who really are not serious about losing fat. Any plan that requires a long time commitment is doomed to fail: we simply do not have a strong will. We are weak, let's say it out loud.

Since we know we are weak we shall make our peace with it instead of trying to fight it and lose time and nerves with long term diets that are not going to work.

What we need is a short term commitment. You and me want the same:

  • we want to see immediate results;

  • we do NOT want to be slave of a strict shopping list;

  • we want to feel better and to look better in no time.


So, I am here now telling you that this is possible. I did it and I am no Superman, so you can do it as well: from the incredible 9 kg in 10 days to the easier 2kg/week... been there, done that.

Be prepared to throw away all your baggy clothes and go shopping for new, tight, cool looking outfits.

You will be walking on the street with confidence and will actively engage in conversation and more interesting activities with other good looking persons.


Well I am. Let me tell you more about this...



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Table Of Content



Chapter 1 - Why all this?

My story
Weight comes in batches
The path of redemption to a Fat-Free Life
Should you trust me?

Chapter 2 - Acceptance

Understanding why you are fat
Understanding it is your choice
Embracing the change

Chapter 3 - Re-education

We weren't made to sit at a restaurant
Energy balance
Losing weight or dieting?
Proteins, proteins and proteins
Doing the Math
Defining your Goal
Abs, belly fat and cellulite

Chapter 4 - Commitment

Your best friend: the scale
Get yourself a fitness tracker
Keep it simple & enjoy your food
Grow yourself a beard

Chapter 5 - Controlled Starvation

As easy as it gets
Method A
Method B
Method C
Thank God for Nutella

Chapter 6 - Awesomeness

How to avoid falling back into Fatland
Making the most of your new you
Sharing your awesome experience